Marketing Yourself

Developing Your Personal Marketing Plan

Why should someone hire you? What makes you special, unique, different. What is your “compelling” story that is going to cause someone to say “this is the person I need for this role!” Many people are good at what they do, but selling their skills and abilities to someone else is unfamiliar territory. We have many years of experience in pulling out what your compelling story is and repackaging you into a more highly marketable product.

One of our key areas of focus is your Motivators and Strengths. Motivators are what the company/position should offer you. Strengths are what you bring to the role. A match for both of those is vital for long term success and accomplishment in the role. Imagine if you would, a major league baseball player, – a “400” hitter, a home run specialist playing on a basketball team. They are top 1% at what they do, but in the totally wrong environment to do it. Defining and going after that “right fit” is the key to successful marketing.

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